Truth in Charity explores religion and spirituality through topical conversations with Bishop Rhoades and his guests.
Over the past few episodes, Bishop has been breaking down the four marks of the church, and they may sound familiar from the Creed: one, holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. This week, the series wraps up with Bishop talking about the fourth mark: ”apostolic.” Find out about the different dimensions of the word and how all...
On this episode, Bishop continues breaking down the Four Marks of the Church. This time focusing on the third mark, “Catholic.”
We’re continuing our series on the Four Marks of the Church….”one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic.” On this episode, Bishop goes into the second mark… “Holy.” Find out more about our call to sanctification and humility.
The Nicene Creed professes “One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.” These are known as the four marks of the Church. On this episode, Bishop focuses on the first mark: “one. Hear more about unity, and why it’s an essential part of the Church.
It seems like we hear about mass shootings and gun violence more and more. What are some of the root causes? What are reasonable gun safety laws? Basically, what is the Catholic response to all this? Bishop breaks it down on this episode.
Bishop just returned from Nigeria and, on this episode, hear how the trip went. His schedule was packed with big liturgies including two Ordination Masses. But Nigeria has been in the news recently because of priest kidnappings and Bishop talks about how local villagers saved his group from a potentially dangerous situation.
On this episode, Bishop wraps up our series on Theology of the Body and the 3 states of man. So far, he’s talked about Original Man and Historical Man…this week, it’s Eschatological man…or our future destiny.
Roe vs. Wade has been overturned, and on this episode, Bishop says we can’t rest on our laurels….it’s time to build a new culture of life through our witness and respectful dialogue. The show concludes with Bishop breaking down the legal arguments presented in both the majority and dissenting opinions. Read the USCCB statement here:...
This week, Bishop continues his deep dive into Theology of the Body…this time focusing on Historical Man.
On this episode, Bishop takes a deep dive into Theology of the Body…specifically how it relates to Original Man, Adam and Eve, and what’s at the root of the human experience. Another episode on Adam and Eve can be found here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1X5ljtylF2ezsLr5BLGwGn?si=SztGxcaFQIK2IbZFQM0 CZg