Truth in Charity explores religion and spirituality through topical conversations with Bishop Rhoades and his guests.
In the light of Pope Benedict XVI’s passing, a listener asked if Bishop could talk more about Ressourcement Theology. So we made it an episode! Hear more the impact Ressourcement Theology had on the Pope as well as its history and mostly French origin.
This week, Bishop Rhoades talks about Pope Benedict XVI’s life, his insightful writings, and his call to be St. Peter’s successor. Hear why Bishop calls him the greatest theologian of the 20th century on this episode.
On this episode, hear more about the life of St. Vincent de Paul as well as the society named after him. The St. Vincent de Paul Society is an organization of lay Catholics doing good work around the world.
St. Hilary was a fourth-century Bishop who was sent into exile during the Arian heresy. On this episode, find out more about this doctor of the Church who defended the full divinity of Christ.
There are arguments on both sides, but what is the best way to receive Communion? On this episode, Bishop offers a reflection that includes a little bit of history and a reminder of what’s most important when receiving.
The Christmas Day Gospel reading is the very beginning of the Gospel of John…just 18 verses… and it’s so profound that Bishop spends the entire episode breaking it down.
After the birth of John the Baptist, his father, Zechariah, gave praise and thanks in a hymn now known as “The Benedictus.” It has since become part of The Liturgy of the Hours and is prayed every morning. Hear Bishop Rhoades break down the Canticle of Zechariah on this episode.
This episode focuses on the life and writings of St. John of the Cross. Find out more about his work with St. Teresa of Avila and how his work influenced many people over the centuries including St. Pope John Paul II.
This episode focuses on Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Juan Diego. Learn more about how his vision of Mary led to an explosion of conversions and changed the history of America.
Ever wonder about the offices that are in a Diocese? How are they structured and what does each office do? Learn more about diocesan curia, secretariats, and moderators on this episode.