Why We Exist

These Core Values Define the Way We Work

Humble Curiosity

We ask questions with kindness and love. We are open and flexible, knowing that Jesus is the answer and that everyone has their own journey to Him. We are motivated to tell the most compelling story through honor and wonder.

Fill the Gap

We respond where there is a need, specifically where we see the questions of the heart being asked. We step in to fill the gap where there is a misunderstanding between the culture of the Church and the heart of the Church. We fill it with faith, hope, beauty, and purpose.

Honor The Journey

We want to understand where each person is coming from, and journey alongside them. We are joyfully attuned to someone’s heart. We lean into consecrated empathy, hospitality, and love. We prioritize belonging first. We are inclusive without wavering from what we believe. We accompany those we serve with a holy detachment, knowing we may play a big role or small role.

Spirit of Collaboration

We collaborate, and don’t compete. We believe the Kingdom is built together and by partnering we bear more fruit. Our heart is to bless others who are living out their calling. We want our different gifts and skills to amplify each other. More impact is possible if we work together.

Permission To Risk

To live in apostolic mission, we need to have the freedom to take chances. We aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and get into the mess. We are gritty for the sake of caring for another. Our compassion is bold. We choose to lean into tough conversations and situations. This ability to risk is necessitated by the nature of who we are. It means vulnerability, authenticity, and supporting one another at every step.

Our Team

Cindy Black

Chief Executive Officer

Pat Padley

Chief Marketing Officer

Steve Niemoeller

Broadcast Engineering & IT Director

Andrea Serrani

Lead Content Curator / Host

Sarah Nielson


Mike Rorick

Chief Financial Officer

Mariam Schmitz

Chief Operations Officer

Angelo Di Carlo

Account Exec. & Sports Director

Tony Marx

Audio Editor

Kyle Heimann

Chief Content Officer

Tracy Sines

Executive Assistant

Michael Berry

Acocount Executive

Vince Faurote

Content Curator / Host

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