Spoke Street Podcast – Episodes

He is Risen, Alleluia! To celebrate Christ’s resurrection, we have a special podcast for you today: Nuns Telling Jokes. May these jokes bring you Easter joy!
Daniel Harms talks about the last words of film critic, Roger Ebert, and the faith crisis of YouTubers. More from “Short Catholic” – https://spokestreet.com/short-catholic Show Notes: https://spokestreet.com/lent40
Today, we remember the death of Jesus Christ. This episode from Doctor, Doctor discusses the history of the practice of crucifying people and what happens during a crucifixion to the human body from a medical point of view.  More from Doctor Doctor: https://spokestreet.com/doctor-doctor Show Notes: https://spokestreet.com/lent39
Today is Holy Thursday: the day we remember when Jesus instituted the Eucharist and washed the feet of His disciples. Today, Bishop Kevin Rhoades talks about how we are called to figuratively wash each other’s feet, especially those who are struggling with the Church and feel lost or frustrated.  More from “Truth in Charity with...
Fr. John Burns talks about how Holy Week gives us a chance to enter intentionally into the suffering of Christ. More from Ave Spotlight: Ave Spotlight Show Notes: https://spokestreet.com/40podcasts/holy-week-ave-spotlight/
Leah talks with gifted storyteller Mary Lenaburg about her new forthcoming book, Be Bold in the Broken. In this her second book, Mary —the author of Be Brave in the Scared—explores her journey to self-acceptance as she struggled to make sense of who she is and what she had to offer. Leah and Mary discuss...
On Saturday night, the Catholic Church will welcome thousands of people across the world into the Church, that is to say they will become Catholic. But, what makes a Catholic a Catholic? This podcast episode discusses the history of this process of Christian initiation and Catholic identity today. More about Ten Thousand Places: Ten Thousand...
Tomorrow we will celebrate Palm Sunday. Mike Kelly shares his experience of coming to know God in a personal way on Palm Sunday on a Spring break vacation at a Church far away from home. More from Pray for 2: Pray for 2 Show Notes: https://spokestreet.com/captivate-podcast/worlds-shortest-homily-palm-sunday-pray-for-2/
Our Lenten journeys are coming to an end. Today, Mary Jo Parrish has one question for you as we end this journey: Where are you going? This podcast reflects on God’s mercy and how His love can transform our life. More from Building Through Him – Kingdom Builders: Kingdom Builders Show Notes: https://spokestreet.com/captivate-podcast/gods-mercy-building-through-him/
Today is the Annunciation! We don’t usually think about St. Joseph on this day, but since this is the Year of St. Joseph, why not? More from Catholic Sprouts: Catholic Sprouts Show Notes: https://spokestreet.com/captivate-podcast/fatherhood-st-joseph-and-the-annunciation-catholic-sprouts/