In the blink of an eye, digital technologies went from supplemental and exploratory in education to primary and necessary for continuing instruction during a global pandemic. This has been true in higher education as much as anywhere else. But how do you quickly move in-person learning experience into an online experience in an emergency, and then how do you plan for an entire semester of dual-mode instruction, with in-person and online education happening simultaneously? And what does this all mean for the present and future of higher education?

These are the kinds of questions my guest asks and responds to. Elliott Visconsi is Associate Provost and Chief Academic Digital Officer at the University of Notre Dame, where he is also Associate Professor of English. He’s here to talk about the quick move digital instruction in Spring 2020, planning for dual-mode instruction in Fall 2020 and afterwards, and the role of technology and new modes of digital engagement for higher education, all for the ultimate goal of enriching, enhancing, and delivering transformational learning.