A Bishop sells his home

Pope Francis speaks on abuse

And a teen saves lives


Bishop McGovern of the diocese of Belleville has announced that he will be selling his home and use the proceeds to help support expectant mothers. Responding to

“I believe the proceeds from the sale of the home can be better used in helping pregnant mothers in need, assisting families seeking a Catholic education and providing programs for our youth.”

Speaking to a group of religious orders, Pope Francis said

“One of the problems, we know, that often exists, is the problem of abuse. Please, remember this well: zero tolerance on abuse of minors or disabled people, zero tolerance,” he continued…

“Please do not hide this reality,”

Speaking on mistakes of the past, Pope Francis added:

“You don’t solve this with a transfer. ‘Ah, from this continent I send him to the other continent…’ No.”

And commenting on his upcoming trip to Canada, the Pope said he would begin and end all his speeches with an apology for the role the Church played in uprooting families eventually leading to abuse.

He said we need to (quote) “walk with others in all manner of woundedness. This is particularly true when those wounds have been caused by the Church herself.”

We continue pray for healing and an end to abuse in the church and beyond.

And in Togo, a 17-year-old boy rescued several young people including a 4 month baby by swimming with the infant on his back.

Cardinal Juan José Omella, archbishop of Barcelona, Spain cheered on the young man in a tweet, saying, “Human goodness comes out in the worst situations.”

Let us pray that when the worst situations consume us, human goodness can come from us.