Record high inflation in the US

The Euro hit parity with the US dollar

For the first time, 3 women will help Pope Francis choose Bishops

And Speaking of Pope Francis, he has some thoughts on the environment

In June, US inflation hit a four decade record at 9.1% (compared to prices a year earlier). A reminder for us all to support the many great organizations who are serving the needy as this is especially difficult for those already struggling financially.

For the past 20 years, the Euro has always been worth more than a US dollar. But on Wednesday they hit the same rate. The war in Ukraine is playing a role in this and is a good reminder for us to continue to pray for peace in the world, especially Ukraine.

10 days after Pope Francis said he would have 2 women joining the committee that chooses Bishops, he has actually appointed 3 women. They will join many new faces that will advise the Pope.

In unrelated news, Pope Francis also spoke at a conference saying:

“Care for our common home, even apart from considerations of the effects of climate change, is not simply a utilitarian endeavor but a moral obligation for all men and women as children of God,” he continued. “With this in mind, each of us must ask: ‘What kind of world do we want for ourselves and for those who will come after us?'”

Let’s be creative on ways that we can take care of each other and as Pope Francis calls the Earth, “our common home.”

One last thing - A month after a Strawberry Supermoon, we just had another Supermoon, and if you missed it there is another one coming yet this year. Just in case you are really excited about supermoons.