Convo with Kyle:
It’s a special St. Nicholas episode featuring students from the St. Joseph campus of Mishawaka Catholic School!

After talking a bit about who St. Nicholas was, Bishop answers questions from students

– 5:28 – How old were you when you first thought about becoming a priest?
– 6:18 – What’s your favorite prayer, and why did you decide to give your life to Christ?
– 7:15 – What is the most difficult part about being a Bishop? And what is the best part about being a Bishop?
– 8:37 – Why is being a Bishop so important?
– 9:35 – If you weren’t a Bishop, what would you be?
10:15 – What do you like doing when you’re not working?
11:18 – Do you have any hidden talents?
12:17 – Who is your favorite saint?
13:22 – I wanted to know what is your favorite poem?
14:36- What jobs you had before you joined the seminary?
15:56 – How many pets did you have as a kid? If you did have any, what were their names and what were they?
18:25 – What was your favorite book when you were in 4th grade?
19:45 – How many siblings do you have?
21:02- How often did you go to Church as a kid?
-21:57 – When you were younger, did you want to be anything else besides a Bishop? If you did, why?
25:05 – What’s your favorite church in the diocese?
26:30 – What is your favorite color and why?
27:13- What’s your favorite board game?
29:23 – Did you played any sports when you were younger?
32:14 – What is your favorite MLB baseball team?
33:00 – What ’s your favorite part about Mass?
33:53 – What’s your favorite food?
36:11 – What is your favorite animal and why?
37:40 – Where is your favorite place that you have been and why?
39:05 – What your favorite ice cream flavor is?
40:24 – What’s your favorite subject?
41:05 – If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be?
42:54 – I wanted to know how old you were?
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