Convo with Kyle:
Bishop Rhoades remembers the life and legacy of his predecessor in the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese, Bishop John D ‘Arcy, who passed away five years ago this week.

Then its on to Saint John Bosco, the Feast of the Presentation, and questions submitted by listeners.

Listener Questions:
– Are there rules and regulations on the wine that is used for Mass? Does it have to be red? homemade? specific location?
– Are there any retreat centers in the Diocese for individual lay people to make a retreat, especially a silent retreat?
– How can I help my friend who is currently living the ‘gay’ lifestyle? He is a former seminarian in my archdiocese and used to teach Theology of the Body classes.
– What memories do you have about your priestly ordination or consecration as Bishop?
– You have served on many national committees and boards, what has been your favorfite?

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