Convo with Kyle:
Bishop talks about what life was like for Catholics in Colonial America. Along with Bishop asking Kyle the question “Were any of the 56 signers Catholic?”

Bishop then reflects on the life of St. Thomas the Apostle (feast day July 3).

Listener Questions:
29:53 – “Problem: I was taught by my Father, when I was young, to be considerate of others. It does seem like something that Jesus would want us to do. I wear hearing aids, and they are necessary for me to hear, the trouble with them is that they also increase background noise, when at Mass it is often hard for me to pay attention to the celebrant because of all the babies and toddlers crying, screaming, or just plain carrying on. My wife and I used the cry room for about 4 years straight when our kids were little, no one seems to use it anymore, it is often empty and dark inside, I have used it before since it is often empty, might as well call it the hearing-impaired room. Question: Would the Bishop consider giving pastors, in the Diocese, a directive to remind those with little ones to use the cry rooms? Over the years I have heard pastors give gentle reminders that we should all give our fair share and that we should dress appropriately for Mass, it would really help me, and others, to be fully engaged at Mass if we could be freed of all the noise and distractions of little ones? I love children, but it is hard to hear the priest with so much commotion.
33:44 – Why are the books from the Old Testament in a different order in Latin America Spanish, then in English translations?
35:26 – I plan on getting married late next year, and my fiancé is agnostic, but very open and accepting of the Catholic Faith. What would it take for us to get married in this Diocese?
38:55 – It seems like there is an uptick in suicides, especially with celebrities, what advice or guidance can you offer for those affected the suicide of friends or family?
41:02 – How do we know that Our Lady of Guadalupe is pregnant? I can’t tell by looking at the image, did she say that she was expecting?
41:55 – Did you have any favorite television cartoons as a kid?

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