We continue our three-part series on the Mass. Bishop Rhoades offers his reflections on the history and requirements of the Introductory Rites as well as the Liturgy of the Word.

Listener Questions:
31:50 – What do you see as a couple of the biggest challenges facing the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) in 2018?
35:13 – All three of mine (children) are baptized in the Catholic Church, my sister’s family isn’t Catholic and my nieces and nephews aren’t baptized yet, any suggestion on material supporting infant baptism?
38:45 – I was baptized Byzantine Catholic, and was confirmed as an infant. When my school classmates were learning about Confirmation, I was excluded from the lessons and even left in the classroom while they went to the church to prepare for confirmation. I never had the training or chose a Saint for a Confirmation name, I did not choose a sponsor. I know that I cannot receive Confirmation again, but I feel like I never got to make that choice on my own. Any suggestions on how I can come close to the Holy Spirit through my confirmation and see His gifts in my life?
42:22 – When is the appropriate time to bow before receiving Communion, is it when the person in front of me is receiving or as I say ‘Amen’ to the priest after he said ‘The Body of Christ’?
42:54 – What are your thoughts on Ireland’s recent vote to amend the country’s constitution, making abortion legal? I thought Ireland was mostly Catholic, and yet the vote was overwhelming in favor and is being called revolutionary.
43:58 – Have you had a favorite moment being a Priest and Bishop?

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