We conclude our 3-part series on the Mass. On this episode, he will discuss the deep meaning and rich tradition behind the last 2 elements of the Mass, the Liturgy of the Eucharist and the Concluding Rites.

Part 1 – History of the Mass

Part 2 – Introductory Rites and the Liturgy of the Word

Listener Questions:
36:38 – What are some of the most interesting places you have celebrated Mass?
38:18 – Pope Francis recently announced he will create 14 new Cardinals, do you know any of them? Do you hope to be a Cardinal one day? Do you have to be an archbishop first?
40:49 – If Confirmation completes Baptism and increases the Baptismal grace, does this imply, in a way, that the sacrament of Baptism is lacking something or incomplete? If we receive the Holy Spirit in the gift of Baptism, why then is the form of the sacrament of Confirmation “Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit”? Do we receive the Holy Spirit twice?

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