Convo with Kyle:
Bishop talks about the recent historic ordination to the Diaconate celebrated in Spanish on Saturday, June 23.

In June was the regional Encuentro gathering, and the National coming up in September, Bishop talks about this event for Hispanic Ministry in our country.

Bishop Rhoades then talks about Religious Freedom Week (June 22 – 29). The theme for this week is “Serving Others in God’s Love”.

Middle School Student Questions:
31:39 – What is Heaven Like?
32:59 – Is the church against Homosexuals?
33:35 – Can people get possessed by unclean spirits when using things such as Ouija board? Is exorcism real?
35:36 – How do we know our Confirmation Saint is the right one?
36:29 – How do you open your heart to God’s love and grow closer to him?
37:08 – How many Dioceses are then in the United States?
39:17 – When a Diocese is in need of a Bishop, how is it decided who will be the next one? How does a Bishop get elected?
40:47 – I you are a Priest, can you adopt a child?
42:02 – Why are there more books in the Catholic Bible than other types of Bibles?

Learn more about our Deacons: https://todayscatholic.org/eleven-to-be-ordained-to-the-diaconate/
Encuentro: https://todayscatholic.org/v-encuentro-representatives-refine-priorities-at-region-7-gathering/
Religious Freedom: http://usccb.org/issues-and-action/religious-liberty/index.cfm
January 10 Episode on Exorcism: https://soundcloud.com/askbishop/tic-2018-january-10

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