Convo with Kyle:

In this episode, Bishop begins a three-part series on the mass, starting with the reflection of the Eucharist and the feast of Corpus Christi.
Then, he talks about the history of the mass in its continuity over the centuries starting with the last supper to the first Christian to how we celebrate mass today.

Listener Questions:
25:07 – What is a charitable response to a friend that is confused as to why her daughter’s fiancé, who is Catholic, cannot have a priest presiding at a wedding? The wedding will take place at a Methodist church.
28:41 – Are there any non-Catholic incorruptibles? Are Catholics the only ones that recognize sainthood?
31:17 – In various translations, Exodus 20 verse 13 states “Thou shall not murder”. However, we all hear the word kill instead of murder, why is that?
33:36 – Is it true that Catholics are allowed to divorce?
37:26 – Is there a Catholic support group in our diocese for those that are widowed?
41:15 – My rosary intention keeps growing; may I offer my rosary “for the intentions on my rosary prayer list” or do I need to read each intention each time the rosary is prayed?
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