Convo with Kyle:
Bishop talks about the significance of this last year before their priestly ordination.

Then it’s on to Pentecost Sunday and what “speaking in tongues” means.

Listener Questions:
26:56 – Could you please give an update on what the Church is saying about the apparitions in Medjugorje, seems to not be talked about much lately?
29:13 – Where can lay Catholics find an authoritative source for determining when saints feast days are to be celebrated?
32:14 – I would like to understand why only men can be priests?
35:32 – I heard on Redeemer Radio that good people don’t go to Heaven, Holy people do. I understand that I have tried and continue to try a Journey to Holiness, as a member of your flock, I would like your advice, I am not Mother Teresa, I can’t afford to go to Hatti, I work a job and a half, and don’t have a lot of money, or time, I do attend Holy Mass, adoration, women’s groups, I volunteer, and more. How does someone like me, become holy?
40:15 – What is the Confiteor?
40:50 – Is the Confiteor recited at Mass an option for the celebrant?

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