Convo with Kyle:
Bishop explains the tradition and meaning behind Mary’s presentation in the temple since that’s the Memorial we remember at Mass on November 21.

Then, it’s on to the Book of Revelation. Bishop summarizes the Catholic approach to interpreting the book that is often bewildering. Including its Old Testament roots and apocalyptic writing style.

He then focuses in on November 21st reading from Revelation (http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings/112118.cfm) which includes John’s vision of heavenly worship. He sees the throne of God, 24 other thrones, 7 flaming torches, and 4 creatures covered with eyes. Bishop breaks down what it all means, how it applied to the audience at the time, and how it applies to us today.

37:05 – Do you have a favorite gift of the Holy Spirit?
38:08 – What does Bishop think about having children leave the Mass for a special Children’s liturgy? Is it better that they experience the Mass with their family even if some of it goes over their head or is it better they get something that is more interactive and geared toward them, but takes them away from the congregation?
39:08 – What other kinds of devotions can we do with a normal rosary?
40:38 – How do you help your college-bound children keep their faith in the face of a culture that is hostile to Catholicism?
42:16 – I know we shouldn’t take the Lord’s name in vain, but what about other “bad words?” Is it a sin to say words that are culturally understood as inappropriate?
43:25 – Would you rather eat your favorite meal every day for the rest of your life or not be able to eat the same thing twice?

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