Convo with Kyle:
Bishop talks about the background and principles of Catholic Social Doctrine. Its roots go back to a 19th- century encyclical and it has flourished into teachings based in the Gospel and natural law. Bishop then explains how these teachings can be applied to social issues, politics, and culture.

30:20 – I’ve heard that Priests can bless people and things, and Deacons can only bless things. Is this true? What about parents blessing their children? What should a Ley Extra Ordinary Minister of Holy Communion do when an adult or child comes forward during Communion with their arms crossed?
31:44 – Why was John the Baptist baptizing people before Jesus’ ministry?
32:17 – How are you relating the anger and disappointment of our Lord’s flock so the Pope can discern what we as Catholics must fix this so it won’t even happen again?
33:58 – What do you consider to be a good amount of time spent during the day, or week, in prayer?
36:22 – Will you be adding your name to the current list of 36 archbishops, Bishops and Cardinals from the US who have expressed public support for investigating the claims of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano?
37:30 – With an ever-growing population, one might think that candidate for priestly vocation may rise, however that isn’t necessarily the case. Do you think it is because faith isn’t strong enough to receive God’s call due to sin, individuals ignoring God’s call, or something else?
39:15 – Could you please explain the use of incense during a funeral Mass as the Priest walks around the casket?
42:14 – From what country do most Communion wine grapes come from?

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Truth in Charity – October 17 – Attorney Donald Schmid – https://soundcloud.com/askbishop/2018-october-17

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