Convo with Kyle:
Bishop Rhoades talks about his message for the youth of our diocese as they are confirmed in the Holy Spirit.

Then it’s on to the lives and legacies of a few soon-to-be saints, including Archbishop Oscar Romero and Mother Mary Katherine Casper. Both will be canonized in Rome this weekend (October 14).

Then Bishop reflects on Sunday’s Gospel (October 14) on Jesus’s call for material detachment.

Listener Questions:
28:59 – Do you have a favorite church in Rome?
30:28 – How often do you go to Rome? What do you talk about when you meet with Pope Francis?
34:33 – How does God judge a person who commits mortal sin but doesn’t believe, and/or know, that they are committing mortal sin?
37:42 – Can you explain the difference between particular judgement vs final judgement?
41:05 – I drive twice a week to school and there is a panhandler who is always stays in a certain spot on the road, he seems to have this spot picked out, and on the days that he isn’t there he leaves a pile of trash in the grass. how do I handle situations like this when I encounter beggars on the street?
43:27 – Did you ever play a musical instrument?

– Sunday, October 14 Readings – http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings/101418.cfm
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