Convo with Kyle:
Priesthood Sunday is coming up this weekend, and on this episode of Truth in Charity, Bishop talks about the importance of praying for our priests as well as ways to offer them our support and encouragement.

Then it’s on to the parable of the fig tree (Saturday, October 27, 2018), and the fruits we are all called to bear.

26:00 – How many Eastern Catholic Rites exist in the world?
31:15 – What are your thoughts on full immersion baptism?
31:42 – When choosing Godparents, is it better to choose someone who can be close and physically present, or someone who lives far away who may have a better spiritual life?
32:21 – What is the relationship between Bishop and the religious orders of ordained or consecrated peoples serving in his Diocese? Is there a complete separation of authority?
40:31 – As a 4 year-old-convert to the Catholic faith, I enjoy praying the rosary, mostly praying to Our Blessed Mother in my car, it gives me such peace. Why do so many Catholics pray our Holy Rosary as fast as they can? It is as if these holy prayers have become a race.
42:17 – What process is Mother Angelica in for sainthood?
43:15 – If you [Bishop] were going to dress up as a Saint for Halloween, who would it be?

– Gospel – Luke 13 – http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings/102718.cfm
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