Convo with Kyle:
Bishop Rhoades talks about his recently released pastoral letter and his call for the A Diocesan Day of Prayer and Penance (Friday, October 5, 2018)

Bishop and Kyle also talk about St. Therese of Lisieux (October 1).

Listener Questions:
35:05 – At one time there were over 50 Franciscan Friars in the Fort Wayne area, why have they disbanded, with the majority going back to their hometowns? Is there truth to the rumor that the old Saint Andrews church will be torn down? Will the Cloistered order of Poor Clares remain?
38:45 – What do you think about the fact that most religious catalogs and Catholic bookstores are full of goods from China? It bothers me because of the human rights problems China has. Shouldn’t we try to create, and source these precious things in the USA, or at least in ‘holier’ countries?
42:20 – What sparked your devotion to him [Bishop Simon Brute]?

– Diocesan Day of Prayer and Penance – www.DioceseFWSB.org/DDP
– Pastoral Letter from Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades – https://dppfwsb.weebly.com/uploads/1/1/6/9/116940326/pastoral_letter_from_bishop_kevin_c_rhoades_9_24_18.pdf
– Diocese Publishes Names of Credibly Accused – https://todayscatholic.org/diocese-of-fort-wayne-south-bend-publishes-names-of-credibly-accused/
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