Convo with Kyle:
Bishop Rhoades talks about the special prayer card Mother Teresa (Feast day, Sept. 5) gave him as well as one of his favorite moments spent with her.

Then it’s on to the Annual Bishops Appeal, a nation-wide Novena to protect human life, the Blessed Virgin Mary’s birthday.

Listener Questions:
23:38 – Are Novenas supposed to end on the day before an event or the day of the event?
24:07 – Is it a sin for Catholics to join in on non-Catholic worship services?
32:56 – Does every country have a Cardinal?
33:00 – Who Decides on Cardinals?
33:03 – Can a Cardinal get fired?
33:11 – Is there a set number of Cardinals?
36:22 – How were the readings for each Mass decided? How long have we been on the same three cycles? Can the readings be changed? How about the readings for the Divine Office?

– September 6 – St. Teresa of Calcutta – https://soundcloud.com/askbishop/tic-2017-september-6
– Picture of Bishop Rhoades’ Mom Meeting Mother Teresa: https://www.facebook.com/diocesefwsb/photos/a.158041860919687/1908958115828044/?type=3&theater
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