Convo with Kyle:
As we celebrate National Marriage Week and St. Valentine’s Day, this week’s episode of Truth in Charity focuses on the mystery of marriage. Bishop Rhoades offers guidance for couples on things like: the importance of recalling one’s wedding day, being open to God’s grace, the definition of true sacrificial love, as well as why forgiveness and apologies are essential for a successful marriage.

Bishop then offers the insights of St. Pope John Paul II and other saints on what makes a marriage special and long-lasting.

26:13 – Our sacramental marriage validation is set for a Saturday in February, before my baptism at Easter vigil. If we cannot truly impart the sacrament of marriage upon each other until I am baptized, what makes the validation ceremony more than a sacramental marriage in appearance alone?
28:45 – Why can a Mass not be celebrated at our validation ceremony?
29:18 – Please explain how baptism of desire might apply to my life before I am baptized. I have been told I am a creature of God, but not a daughter of God.
32:02 – I was wondering if you could explain the origin of tapping your chest during the consecration and whether or not words are meant to be spoken during this time as well?
36:22 – Can you tell me whether or not you know if homeschooling in your diocese are able to play on their parochial school sport teams?
37:50 – Will there be food in heaven?

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