Convo with Kyle:
Bishop Rhoades answers questions submitted from Junior and Senior students at Bishop Luers High School in Fort Wayne.

– 2:22 – Is Pope Francis the same in person and privately as he appears publicly?
– 3:12 – Why can’t a Pope’s body be used for organ donation? Can a Bishop’s?
– 4:50 – Can I get a tattoo? How does the Church feel about tattoos?
– 8:11 – Was there really a flood that caused Noah to build an ark? I heard the story was based on a myth about King Gilgamesh.
13:25 – If my sister were to need a new heart and she couldn’t get one fast enough and I wanted to give her mine knowing I would die, would that be considered a sin?
15:52 – What do you think, as a Catholic, we should believe about Donald Trump’s idea to build a wall at the border?
21:17 – How can I be sure that a seminary is safe from predators and teaching truth?
25:13 – My parish priest is young and seems too stressed. Why isn’t he getting help and rest?
27:11 – Does mental illness make someone not suitable for marriage?
29:03 – Does the Catholic Church support transgender people?
34:33 – My friends believe a child should be allowed to choose his/her gender. I don’t know how to say this is wrong in a kind way.
35:28 – Why is it wrong for a same sex couple to adopt a child?
38:15 – Can a formerly Catholic, non-practicing, have a Catholic funeral Mass?
39:11 – How can people be named saints if it’s a sin to judge someone?
40:02 – What is promising/encouraging about possible reconciliation between Catholics and the orthodox?
41:48 – What is an underground Church (China) and how does it survive?
43:41 – How long have you been a Bishop?

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