On this episode, Bishop talks about the history and significance of Divine Mercy Sunday as well as plenary indulgences. Then he answers listener-submitted questions:

* In 1 Timothy, it says Jesus is our sole mediator, yet we pray to Mary and the saints. Is that going against the Bible?
* Why do priests wear a Roman collar? Why is it called a Roman collar?
* Can you recommend any activities for parents who would like to teach their small children about St. Joseph?
* Sometimes at the end of Mass, the priest tells us to bow our heads and ask for God’s blessing. Sometimes he doesn’t. Why?
* Do you think we will ever have the Precious Blood available to congregations again?
* Will we ever be allowed to blow out candles on our birthday cake ever again?

Link to Kyle Heimann Show episode about “Christ in the House of His Parents:” https://www.kyleheimann.com/show842/