On this episode, Bishop talks about the June USCCB meeting…including a breakdown of the “Eucharistic consistency” document. Hear more about what happened, what it means, and how it will play out moving forward.
Then it’s on to two servants of God whose cause for canonization was also discussed at the meeting. Their lives could be made into Hollywood movies. FInd out about Father Joseph Lafleur and Brother Marinus LaRue this week.

Listener-submitted questions:
* How do Catholics reconcile believing in evolution and creation at the same time?
* On the recent episode about changes in canon law, you mentioned something about the “pontifical secret.” Can you explain what that means?
*Do you have any summer vacation plans?

For more on the USCCB meeting:

Interview: Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades on Eucharistic consistency and the forthcoming bishops’ statement

Episode on evolution: https://spokestreet.com/truth-in-charity?ppplayer=fa87d1bcbd59ef9e29c0d09475680ff7&ppepisode=be6d95481e664e2010e95dc1d9c7694b