As we celebrate Catholic Schools Week, Bishop answers questions submitted by Bishop Dwenger High School students on topics ranging from vocational discernment to ouija boards.

And all the questions:

• What was it about the Catholic Church that made you fall in love with it? Was there any subject or event that cemented your devotion?

• Is there a religion other than Christianity that has made an impact on your cultural view?

• What is your favorite encyclical writing from Pope St. John Paul II and why?

• How do I discern my own wants from God’s wants when discerning my vocation?

• When single, what would be a good discernment prayer for patience?

• Is it true that if you die while wearing a scapular, you will go directly to heaven?

• What is your opinion on more modern praise and worship music being used during the Mass?

• Is yoga against the Catholic Church if it is just used for fitness?

• Is it okay for Catholics to watch movies about ouija boards?

• How can one confidently say that the pope is infallible when all humans make mistakes?

• How can you convince a firm pro-choice person to understand the pro-life perspective? How do you feel about Catholics who are pro-choice?

• How do you feel about feminism?

• What is the Church’s view on people committing suicide? Do they go to hell?

• Do you ever struggle with feeling worthy of God’s love and if so how do you overcome that struggle?

• What is the best way to respond to those who reject the faith?

• How would you suggest inviting someone to Mass who has fallen away from the Church?

• What is the best way to explain the faith without it sounding confusing?

• Have you ever been questioned on a topic you did not know how to answer? If so, what was it?

• What is your favorite way to pass the time?

• What are things you recommend to strengthen your prayer life?

• How do you cherish the silent parts of your day?

• What is the pope like in person?

• What saint inspired you to enter in the priesthood or helped you realize your vocation?

• What do you find most rewarding about your job?

• What was your favorite part about World Youth Day in Panama?

• What has been the most inspirational and life-changing trip you have been on?
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