Bishop talks about St. James the Apostle….including his journey with Christ, his martyrdom, and his connection to a traditional pilgrimage in Europe.

An explanation of how Bishops dedicate new altars and then National Natural Family Planning Week.


My niece and her husband were married in the Church and since have had a child with another on the way. They are not planning on baptizing either and feel it is a choice for the children to make when they are adults. They have shut me down when I have tried to talk to them about this. I am stressed and so saddened by this that words can’t even explain it. Is there anyway I can obtain some sort of blessing or baptism for the sake of their souls? Can anything be done on this concerning matter?I appreciate any light that you can shed…Thank you and God bless you!

Can you describe your pectoral cross? What are the images on it? How is it different from a regular cross?

Short daily Masses are convenient …even as short as 10-15 minutes. But these short Masses seem less reverent. At what point is reverence for the Eucharist less important than the access to the Eucharist?

Our youngest daughter who has never been married, is engaged to a man who is not Catholic but was married before but not in a Catholic Church. Why does he have to get an annulment? I thought annulment was only for Catholics??

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