Have you ever seen a decorated skull on someone’s desk? Or maybe you’ve noticed skulls in church architecture or on tombs? They’re artistic reminders of one’s own death….or in Latin, “Memento Mori” which translates to “Remember that you have to die.” On this episode, Bishop talks about what that means and how, at the same time, we should also remember the resurrection. The show wraps up with Bishop answering listener-submitted questions:
* I was recently at Mass outside our Diocese and during the Consecration the priest said: “do this and remember me.” Does that make it invalid?
* Can you give an update on the Catholic Church in China?
* Do decisions made by the US Bishops Conference automatically apply to all Catholics in this country? Or do they require Vatican approval first?
* Holy Week is still a couple of weeks away, but do we know if the same restrictions as last year will be in place?
* It’s been a while since you’ve given us an update, Bishop! What books are you currently reading?
*Do you have a favorite winter sport?

Link to episode on Bishop’s trip to China: https://soundcloud.com/askbishop/2019-july-10