April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and on this episode, Bishop talks about ways we can prevent abuse…including our Diocesan Safe Environment program. Then he talks about the different types of abuse, warning signs it may be happening, how Catholic Relief Services is addressing child abuse on a global level as well as a French saint who endured years of abuse as a child and developed a profound faith and trust in God.

Then Bishop answers listener-submitted questions:

* I’ve heard criticism of parents (especially of mothers) in Mexico and South America who send their children to the U.S. border in hopes of a better future. We assume that they know about the legal ways to come in, but they may not have access to that information. And we have no idea what is leading them to this desperate decision. How should Catholics respond?

* I’ve heard that yoga, mindfulness, and games like Dungeons and Dragons are entry points for evil spirits. Can you comment on whether or not that’s true? What kind of powers do evil spirits have?

* Can you give an update on the schism that seems to be developing between German priests and Rome?

* Do you have a favorite baseball team? Favorite baseball player?

Additional resources for Child Abuse Prevention Month: