This week, Bishop talks about the silent or quiet prayers the priest says before and during Mass. Then it’s on to listener-submitted questions on topics including: the upcoming Synod for the Amazon, the most common myth about Catholicism, and whether or not a confession can be heard over the phone. If you have a question you’d like Bishop to answer on a future episode, submit it at Redeemer Radio dot Com Slash Ask Bishop. Or download the free Redeemer Radio app and select “Ask Your Questions.”

Lots of listener-submitted questions:

• I’ve heard a lot about the Synod for the Amazon recently. Can you explain what it is?
• What do we mean when we say “our exile” in the “Hail, Holy Queen” prayer?
• Are we required to believe “Theology of the Body?”
• Do we know when the Bible was written?
• Are there different levels in heaven? Does your faithfulness on earth earn you a certain level in heaven?
• I’m a non-Catholic who is still exploring the faith. I’ve attended Mass in the past. If, while at Mass, I decide that I believe the Eucharist is the body and blood of Christ, can/should I receive it, or as a non-Catholic, should I refrain, and wait until I make the commitment to go through RCIA and join the Church properly?
• Is it a sin for a family to enter the U.S. illegally?
• What is the most common myth about Catholicism?
• Why did Jesus tell people NOT to tell anybody else about the miracles He performed?
• Could a confession be heard over the phone? What about over text message?
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