On this episode, Bishop talks about two 16th-century saints that we remember this week: St. Martin de Porres and St. Charles Borremeo. Hear more about how both lived simples lives, and how they serve as models for living the faith today. Then it’s on to these listener-submitted questions:

  • I have a question for Bishop Rhoades regarding suffering. Bone records and fossils have shown that dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals experienced bacterial infections, bone cancers, etc. How can the effects of original sin cause the suffering of creatures that existed (and therefore suffered) millions of years prior to mankind? Or, since God has no temporal restraints, did He preemptively apply the effects of the fall prior to it even happening? And, if that is the case, the universe would already be disordered by the time humans were around, and there would be no “Eden” or place untouched by the effects of sin. I do not understand this “natural evil” that existed prior to mankind.
  • What are some opportunities for evangelization that COVID has produced?