Lent has begun, and on this episode, Bishop reflects upon the temptations of Jesus in the desert. Then he moves on to answering listener-submitted questions on keeping the Sabbath holy, the COVID vaccine, and more.

To hear Bishop’s full explanation of the COVID vaccine, go to the link below and look for the December 23rd, 2020 episode (starts at 30:00):

Truth in Charity

Listener-submitted questions:
* Is Lent a Catholic tradition or do other denominations have the same season?
* Why is Lent called “Lent?”
* I have attended family member’s weddings in Lutheran and Pentecostal churches and found the Nicene Creed in prayer/song books. The phrase: “one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic church” is changed to read: “One, Holy, Christian church.” I understood that the word “Catholic” in our Creed does not refer to the Catholic denomination but rather the universal church. Could you comment on why the prayer is changed and define the words “one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic?” Does the “o” in “one” need to be capitalized?
* There seems to be confusion as to whether or not the coronavirus vaccine is ethical despite the USCCB statement. Do you think the Vatican will weigh in?
* Can you offer specific ways to keep the Sabbath holy?