On this episode, Bishop talks about the Annunciation and Mary’s example of faithful obedience. Then these listener-submitted questions:

* Hello Bishop. I am a prospective Catholic and have been looking to purchase a Catholic Bible. It is my understanding that the NAB is the only translation approved for use during Mass, and is on the USCCB website – and that all editions of the NAB available for public purchase contain the same set of footnotes. I have been told that many of these are written in a character that seems almost to undermine the faith. For instance, they deny that 1Cor 3:15 is a reference to Purgatory, and they deny that Christ predicted his crucifixion in Mt 16:21. After listening to your recent episode about doctrinal integrity in hymns, I was wondering your thoughts on this and if any action is planned. Thank you!

* Do you think Vatican II has been misunderstood? After more than 50 years, why is still causing division?

* With so much division in our country, I hear people mention the need for “solidarity” a lot. I first heard the word in the 1980s when Poland was going through a historic change. What does “solidarity” mean exactly? How does it apply to us today?

* How would you respond to someone who doesn’t believe in God because they maintain that everything can be explained by science? Doesn’t science point to a Creator? How can we explain that?

* What’s something you would like to talk about that no one has asked you about recently?